On the Road

May 26 - June 2 | Special Olympics / North Unified Relay Across America

I am spending my summer on the road for seven weeks with the Special Olympics shooting photo, video, and helping with social media coverage of their cross-country torch run leading up to the SO World Games in LA. My team and I are on the northern route - we started in Augusta, Maine on May 26, and are making our way out west, finishing in LA on July 10. I didn't quite know what I was signing up for when I eagerly agreed to this job a few months ago. The days are long, especially these first few weeks because we hit a lot of major northeastern cities back to back, but the work is rewarding and we have an amazing crew of people along for the ride. All the official photos from the relay are available to view/download for free at www.unifiedrelay.com/photos, but I'll be keeping up with a personal collection of favorites as well. The first week we wound our way down through Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and upstate New York - it was my first time getting a taste of the northeast.