Mansion Closing Party

When I read earlier this week that Mansion was closing, a part of me felt sad. I'm not a club rat on my nights off, but if I have to be at a club, especially for a job, Mansion's my venue of choice. They're chill about people standing (and dancing) on top of the VIP tables so I can always get a better view of the crowd/DJ, but mostly I'm in awe of the aerialists who work every night. These women are acrobats. Their job may be performing for a mob of oblivious, intoxicated people, but they do it with such poise - it's always impressive to watch. I was excited to be able to cover their last big show.

Mansion packed a full house and a line up Washington Ave. for their closing party Friday night with Dutch DJ/producer Nicky Romero. The aerialists balanced within the frames of suspended black cubes, and Romero played an energized set that bumped late into the morning. The place was so full it was hard to move, but I was able to get booth access inches behind Romero and a standing, table-top view of my favorite dancers.  Photos for Miami New Times.