III Joints

III Joints @ The Broken Shaker

The Broken Shaker celebrated a laid-back 4/20 on Saturday, April 20, with III Points' annual marijuana-themed celebration, III Joints. This year's event featured a CBD lunch at 27 Restaurant, followed by a day of locally spun sounds around the garden and two installations inside Freehand to explore: Poorgrrrl's (T)Hotobox and Nick León's Ambient Bedroom. Shot for Miami New Times.

III Joints 420 Party @ The Anderson

III Points' annual 4/20 party returned to The Anderson for another night of smoking heavy to hip-hop beats. Vendors like Miami's stoner brand Roll White Boys offered patrons rolling trays and papers while they enjoyed the sounds of local and touring acts Suzi Analogue, Paperwater, Space Invaders Soundsystem, Nick León, Richie Hell, Yazmine, Ynot, Gami, True Vine, Get Face, Poorgrrrl and Byrdipop, Cricket, and Will Buck. The night led up to RZA's live score of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, the classic kung fu movie instrumental to the Wu-Tang Clan. Shot for Miami New Times.

III Joints @ The Anderson

III Points dropped their first big lineup announcement on Wednesday - Method Man & Redman will be performing live at this year's annual music, art & technology festival! To celebrate, III Points hosted a "III Joints" 4/20 hang at The Anderson, sounds and vibes provided by a cue of local artists and djs, including Mokibaby's distinct stacked tv installations. Slideshow for Miami New Times.