From Sea to Table @ 27 Restaurant

I had the unique opportunity to photograph a few fresh, yellow jack fish plates prepared by 27 Restaurant in Miami Beach.  Caught earlier that morning, the yellow jack was packed on ice then transported to 27 where chef Jimmy Lebron and sous chef Sasha Ullman cut and prepared 3 different bright and flavorful dishes featured on their menu. 

First we were given a yellow jack plate with local jackfruit and pineapple salsa, rawsweet maduros (plantains,) and topped with tarragon and chive blossoms from the 27 herb garden. Next they presented us with a bruschetta-type appetizer with jack fish tartar, sesame oil, kimchi sauce, key lime, scallions and chile flakes on a thin crisp of bread. We finished with an entree of pan-seared yellow jack, thai coco curry broth, farro, carrot, snap peas, lime and avocado. 

I used to say I wasn't a fish person, but it's taken me a few years to realize I wasn't eating the right kind of fish. Each dish had a different personality, but they all tasted so light and fresh. The pan-seared jack with thai coco curry broth was unbelievable though - I would go back and order everything again, but that was an unexpected favorite. Slideshow for Miami New Times.