Tangela Sears

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Tangela Sears. 

She's been the most vocal anti-gun violence activist in Miami for 20 years, and this May she lost her only son to a senseless shooting in Tallahassee - the same kind of violence she dedicated her life to preventing. 

"I'm angry every day that I have to wake up. I don't want to live in this world without my child."

I met Tangela at her uniquely vibrant home in North Miami. It's the same house she grew up in, same house her mother grew up in, and where she raised her son David. Her grandfather painted their home, the gate adorned with roaring lions, and all the ornate front yard decorations bright yellow and alternating red. It's one of the coolest homes I've ever seen in Miami and makes the whole street pop. Tangela was planning on passing it down to David. We met and shot a couple traditional portraits in her living room, but we got the best images outside in front of her family's iconic house. Afterwards Tangela lit up as she told me about her son and showed me a collection of her favorite photos of him.

Read her full feature in Miami New Times

Lance Burns

I met up with Lance at his gym in West Kendall - a cinderblock, warehouse garage with no A/C - to shoot his feature for Hottest Trainer in Miami. Lance recently tore a muscle in his arm which is keeping him from his usual workout regimen (he claims he isn't in "peak physical condition") but he looked great warming up and running through some of his stretches and exercises for me. We had limited time to shoot but we still got to talk - he's a cool guy, a hard, dedicated worker, and not too bad in front of the camera. Check out his full write-up for Racked Miami.

"Successful people didn't sleep when they first started, so why should I?"